New range of products: artistic stamps by Chéri' M

coeur_dentelle_grand_front_450Brand new, with unique delicate designs, these wonderfully detailed artistic stamps can be used with great effect not only on paper but also on fabric! 

With them, you will create original and very pretty works on fabric, mixing them (or not) with embroidery stitches, using them to embellish a stitched work or to mark it (date, initials, etc.). You will also be able to personalize your stationery for small or great events like a wedding (just see the delicate series of hearts).

scissors_front_250x450It may sound a bit over-enthusiastic but when I first saw them, I just fell in love with them. And when you see them too, I am sure you will understand why! Such beautiful lacework in various shapes (rose, heart, ribbon), embroidery scissors, labels, sweet little girls: just let them inspire you  and you will begin to stamp them everywhere!

What is great with these top-of-the-range rubber stamps is that you will be able to use them on fabric to embellish a work in progress or to become a work in itself. We also stock the appropriate ink pads (currently 17 colours) as we know it is not always easy to find them. And of course, you can use these stamps on paper too with your usual ink pads.

The stamps' price is quite different from what you can see at your local craft store, but believe me, they are worth it . I hope you will enjoy our first selection of 12 artistic stamps which is is quite "stitcher oriented": a lot of lacework, labels to mark your work, embroidery scissors... Hopefully more will be stocked in the future on various themes. Should you be looking for a specific kind of patterns, just contact us.


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