Discovering French cross stitch designers

We are pleased to introduce you to the French designers whose patterns are filling our pages:

Christine of Au Chat Qui Dort

Christine was lucky enough to discover cross-stitch and embroidery at the early age of 12. As a trained illustrator for children’s book, she knows how to give her stitched characters a real personality: one look at them and you can easily imagine a full story around them! Most of her cross-stitch designs come from her own paintings, including the name Au Chat Qui Dort which derives from her watercolour “The stitcher with the sleeping cat”. You may already know her famous little stitched cats, let's discover the fullness of Christine’s work.

Christelle of Bois Joli

Refined and elaborate, Christelle’s style is full of subtlety. She creates a new design by little strokes, as a painter would, creating a kind of patchwork, adding to her patterns little accessories which become part of the final design. The countryside and what she calls “Petits plaisirs de la vie” (the small pleasures of life) inspire her a lot. Christelle likes to stitch on very fine fabric (up to 55 count per inch for some vintage linen!) but all her patterns can easily be stitched on 32 count or less.

Virginie of C Mon Monde

Everything stands in the name she’s chosen for her creations: “It’s my world”. It is really her world you enter in when you look at her patterns: sensitive and very imaginative. She finds her inspiration in her daily life and some of her designs can relate to very personal memories. Year after year, she has asserted her colourful style and developed a large range of charming patterns. Be aware that you may fancy undertaking to stitch all her creations!

Isabelle of Le Lin d’Isabelle

One look at a cross-stitch design from Isabelle and you immediately recognise her delicate style and harmonious colour palette. Her designs are full of poetry and tenderness, maybe because she was born and still lives near famous French poet Jean de la Fontaine’s place. If you’re looking for a project that should become an heirloom, don’t fail to visit Le Lin d’Isabelle’s page of products.

Catherine of Madame La Fée

Catherine has long been a professional graphic designer before becoming a cross-stitch designer. Her patterns are very clearly structured with generally a square shape and a vibrant colour palette. In fact, each design by Catherine is not only a wonderful picture you can frame to decorate your home but also a composition of multiple patterns you can choose from to embellish the work of your choice. It is likely you will end up bewitched by the style of “Lady Fairy”!

Linda of Malin Maline

Once upon a time were the creations of Malin Maline. Discover this lovely kingdom where sweets, cakes and little flowers are artistically designed and compose a colourful playground for our imagination. Linda’s work helps us to keep alive the child’s soul that lies dormant inside each of us. Her thematic series of patterns are an endless source of inspiration.

Corinne of Tralala

This artist loves to play with colours; despite our increasingly digital world, she always begins a new creation by a preliminary sketch with her pencils. One day she fell in love with the threads created by a fellow designer named ATALIe and this has greatly influenced her work since. Almost all her designs are stitched partly with these exquisite variegated threads, as Corinne likes the idea that, thanks to them, each stitcher’s work will remain unique.

Isabelle of Zaza Picque

Entering the lively world of Zaza Picque is like visiting a gallery of adorable little characters that you will find difficult not to love at first sight! Charming girls and boys are pictured in a fresh almost naïve way, and Isabelle doesn’t forget grown-ups with a series that depicts our daily activities with humour. Her soft colour palette is a continuous renewal of joy for our eyes and needle!

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