En Filigrane

Translated title "Filigree", a design by Zaza Picque
3 easy-to-stitch and funny designs to collect
Price: £8.50

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"Filigree" is a cross-stitch chart with instructions translated in English. It is part of a series (see the Related Products" section below)

Design stitch count: 102 wide x 61 high

Design area:

  • 17 x 10,2 cm (6,7 x 4 in) on a 32 count Linen
  • 16,2 x 9,7cm (6,4 x 3,8 in) on a 16 count Aïda
  • 18,5 x 11,1 cm (7,3 x 4,4 in) on a 28 count linen or a 14 count Aida
Special stitches: None, this is a pure cross-stitch pattern with very few back stitches (girls' mouth).

Threads and colours

This pattern shows 10 colours (DMC references on the key)

The model on the picture has been stitched on a 32 count linen fabric (colour "Dark Sand") using two strands of cotton over two threads of fabric.

Recommended Fabric: of your choice regarding the type (linen / evenweave / Aida), the stitch count and the colour (but preferably a dark one), 40x30 cm (16x12 in).

This product is a cross-stitch chart + instructions translated in English.

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