Macaroons charms

Yes, macaroons again and again!
Buttons or charms
Handmade in France by Les Fils à Soso
Polymer clay
Price: £1.10

Well, we do like macaroons in France. And the ones you eat really come in all sorts of colours! That is why we find them so lovely and decorative. So we put them just everywhere, even in our craft projects!

Dimensions: around 1,5cm

Material: Polymer clay

with their pretty colours, these macaroons charms will make a great embellishment not only on a stitched project, but also as a small permanent decoration (for instance on your key ring or mobile phone). Be careful though: these are not toys and shouldn't be left to young children because of the small parts.

You can add them to the item of your choice (they are washable even if it is not advised to boil them).

You just have to pick the colour of your choice in the choice box below.
If you want several colours, choose one first, then add it to your cart, click on the "continue shopping" button and repeat the operation with the next colour of your choice.

Handmade in France by the designer Les Fils à Soso. Price for one macaroon charm: £1,10 each

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