Light Sand (Platinum) Zweigart Linen

Top quality Zweigart linen
Colour "Platinum n°770" but NOT grey at all!, used in many Tralala designs
Price: £7.90
Sales price without tax: £7.90
Manufacturer: Zweigart

This product is a piece of 32 count Linen from Zweigart (Germany), Belfast range, colour "Platinum" (ref n°770).

It is the very same linen used by the designer Tralala for many designs (see the list below). But its neutral shade is appropriate for many projects requiring a lovely "off-white" or "Light Sand" fabric. Despite the colour's name given by Zweigart, this is not a grey fabric.

To help you pick the right shade, the second picture displays the different off-white and Sand shades available on our website, with from left to right: Ecru (off-white), Light Sand (Platinum), Dark Sand (Summer Kaki) and Warm Sand.

This is a top quality soft linen, very pleasant to stitch, but you may need to work with a hoop if you usually use stiff linen or Aida.

It is available in two sizes:

  • 50x40 cm (aproximately 20x16 in)
  • 70x50 cm (approximately 28x20 in)

You can use this linen for the work of your choice.

In our collections, it is especially recommended for the following designs:

  • Maison d'Automne (Créations de Chrystelle): 30x35cm
  • Ordinary Day (Zaza Picque): 40x35cm
  • Floralie n°1, 2 & 3 (Tralala): 40x50cm
  • Collection de Maisons n°1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 (Tralala): 30x40cm
  • Douceur de Vivre (Tralala): 30x40cm
  • Duo Gourmand (Tralala): 30x50cm
  • Duo Bouquets Anciens (Tralala): 30x50cm
  • Duo de Printemps (Tralala): 30x50cm
  • Duo L'Heure du Thé (Tralala): 30x50cm
  • Kokeshis (Tralala): 40x35cm

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