Wave Braid

Linen and cotton, 10mm high
Price: £2.50

Dimensions: approximately 10mm high

Material and colour:

Mixed linen and cotton

This braid is made of pure linen (colour "sand") nicely weaved with a red cotton thread.

What we like about this specific braid:

  • the way it has been made giving a very aerial effect
  • the colour scheme which can match all sorts or projects ranging from Christmas decoration to a summer tote bag

As all our ribbons and braids, this one will be great for:

  • making a string to a little cushion or pouch
  • adding an extra adornment when sewed on a stitch project

You just have to select the ribbon in the choice box below and then to adjust the quantity to your need. Please note that we propose this item by unit of 50cm (i.e. if you want 1 metre, choose 2 in the quantity box).

Ribbon made in France. Price: £2,50 per metre, sold per unit of 50cm (£1,25)

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