The Thread Bin: a stylish accessory

COVER_TB_500x327How to keep with style the bits and ends of threads we produce while stitching? Instead of just leaving them scatter on the sofa or the floor...

With a Thread Bin of course, not any but a lovely and stylish one!  Christine, the designer of Au Chat qui Dort came up one day with an ingenious and easy way to make one.

It was such a good idea and the end result was so charming that she had to make the pattern registered! No wonder this product is still a best-seller in France many years after its launching.

Not only these little bins are useful, stylish and very easy to make, but also they are all different! The large range of lining fabric and three different 32 count linen (natural, sand or white) lead to many combinations. There is surely one just made for you!

Take a look at the thumbnail pictures below. If you like one, do not hesitate too long as we've got only one piece of each item. But if you don't find the perfect-just-made-for-you one, don't be too disappointed: new Thread Bins will be added regularly on this website. Just click on the thumbnail to see the product details and a larger picture.

Each Thread Bin comes with full instructions in English which include stitching tips and cross-stitch pattern as well as a step-by-step which explains the clever folding that will give its final shape to your Thread Bin. Our whole range of Thread Bins can be found at the end of the Ready-to-Stitch Items section.


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