Biscornu pincushions: how it all began

biscornus-regroupes_300x324More and more stitchers are becoming familiar with Biscornu, these funny pincushions that have become so popular over the years. One can now find many lovely cross-stitch or blackwork patterns especially designed to fit its quirky shape.
Maybe you've already had the opportunity to make one, maybe you'd like to or, on the contrary, you may have never heard of it till now. Interested in knowing where, who, why and how it all began?
Here is
the little story behind the famous name.

You may have guessed this part: the Biscornu comes from France!
Actually "biscornu" is a French adjective literally meaning "quirky". But according to French dictionnaries, it's not supposed to be an object! It all began a few years ago when Christine, the designer of Au Chat Qui Dort, decided to make a new pincushion. She did not want it round nor square and played a while with two pieces of linen before ending up with this funny quirky shape. Happy and amused by the final result she named her new creation The Biscornu.

Then show after show, French stitchers got so enthusiastic about the Biscornu that Christine had to write a little guide to explain how to make it. Thanks to some local craft clubs and of course the Internet, it has since then spread into the French stitchers' community to finally cross the borders and become a huge success that still inspires today many designers from all countries.

As it happens sometimes, the beginning of the story got lost when the success swelled up but it is for the best: for a designer, it feels really good to know that so many people took to your creation.
At SoCreaStitch we just want to say: thank you very much Christine for all the fun!

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