Colours of Autumn

6 polymer-clay pins nicely displayed in their white pocket, hand-made in France by Butterfly Couture
Limited Edition
Price: £7.40
Sales price without tax: £7.40
Manufacturer: Butterfly Couture

Purely decorative, these charming pins are hand-made in France with polymer-clay; they achieve an absolutely stunning level of detail.

You can use them in different ways:

  • as a permanent decoration on a pinkeep,
  • as an embellishment on a stitched design featuring the same theme (for example add them by a stitched tree or to complete a garden design),
  • as you would use your usual pins to enjoy them while working (with special care of course as they are obviously more delicate than your usual pins).

They make also a nice gift for a fellow stitcher as they are so nicely displayed in their little white pocket written "made in France" on the back.

Please note the head of the pins is removable (if you take the head in one hand, the pin in the other and yank, the head will come out). Some French stitchers leave them this way as it allows to change the pin when its tip has become blunt; other prefer to superglue the heads. It's up to you!

Length of the pins: 4 cm (1,6 in)

Dimensions of the pocket: 10 cm wide X 7 cm high (3,9 x 2,7 in)

Limited edition. The pocket of 6 pins costs £7.40

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