You can purchase a Gift Voucher for your family and friends to be used at our online boutique.
It can make a great gift to a stitcher if you are not sure of the design or embellishment she/he would choose. It could also be a nice item to add to your own wish list in order to get someone to offer a Gift Voucher to you.
This gift voucher is valid one year after you\'ve purchased it. The recipient must live in the UK. And because we want this gift to remain a gift, we will offer the P&P cost to the recipient of the Gift Voucher.

How does it work?

Click below to access the product page and follow the instructions. You can of course choose the amount of the gift voucher you\'d like to offer (£10, £15, £20, £25 or £30) and also  leave a personal message.

What will receive the recipient?

The recipient will receive a gift card via the post office. This card is personalized and made by us with great care; it will really look like a gift.
This gift card will comprise your name and message and the voucher code.
The code value will be higher than what you actually paid (code value = the amount you choosed to offer + the P&P cost we offer)
The recipient will just have to browse our pages, add some designs and/or embellishments to her/his cart and then checkout entering the voucher code in the dedicated place.

Of course should you prefer the recipient to receive her/his gift code by e-mail, just add this comment and the recipient\'s e-mail address in the \"Customer\'s note\" space during the checkout process.

Should you need further information regarding the Gift Voucher, please do not hesitate to use the contact form.

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Gift Voucher

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