Instructions for using the rubber stamps and Versacraft ink pads

How to use the rubber stamps

Hold the stamp backwards in one hand (wood between your fingers, rubber showing up). With your other hand, take the inkpad and gently apply it on the rubber pattern taking care not to overflow outside the pattern on the rubber edges. If needed, quickly clean the ink on the rubber edges with a cotton bud.

Specific use on fabric

Versacraft is a premium multi-purpose acid-free craft ink. Based on water, it is ideal to be used on fabric such as cotton, silk or linen.
For a good quality print on fabric, press uniformly the stamp on the fabric piece during 10 seconds. If you are stamping on a heavy or irregular fabric, place a magazine under the piece of fabric, put more ink on the stamp and press longer and more heavily.
To make the print permanent: first allow to dry completely, then iron the fabric (without steam) during 15 seconds (the iron's heat should be the usual one depending on the type of your fabric). You will then be able to wash the fabric in the future if needed. 

Other uses

Versacraft can also be used on raw wood, leather and baked clay.
To make the print permanent: use a hairdryer during 15 seconds to dry the ink, taking care to put a towel between the stamped item and the hairdryer.

Care instructions: 

To keep your rubber stamps for a long time in good state, you must clean the rubber just after you've used the stamp in order to prevent the ink from remaining in the smallest details of the pattern. To do so, wet a piece of fabric, wring it and put a few drops of liquid soap on it. Gently wipe the rubber with it. If the ink has dried off, use a few drops of Stazon Cleaner to remove it.

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