Discover some of our "least French" designs

poupees_anglaise_365x150_closeReleasing this new design English Dolls by Malin Maline, we've thought that a small review of our "least French designs" could interest you, as they are all dispatched in our various categories of cross-stitch patterns.
Many French designers (and stitchers) do like what we call, here in France, "le style anglais": colours, tea, cakes, many topics from across the Channel inspire us.

Rose_anglais_250x159Zaza Picque is certainly one of our designers who is the most fond of the "English style", so her personal tribute to it: Rose Anglais which is a play on word as rose in French designates both the flower and the colour.

In France, when we think "England", we tend to think "teatime" as well and we often associate friendship to it (as we do with coffee). Zaza Picque surely gets very inspired by this as shown in the three designs below: Un thé au jardin d'été (Tea in the summer garden), Un thé avec toi (A tea with you) and her famous Tea travel bag to carry in style your teabags in your handbag. Just so cute...

 the_au_jardin_ete_close_168x161   the_avec_toi_close_160x161   tea_travel_bag_close_161  

ma_tasse_de_the_400x428Other French cross-stitch designers celebrates teatime in their way. There is for instance this beautiful Ma Tasse de Thé (my cup of tea) by C Mon Monde. These dark and elegant patterns were originally designed to adorn a teabox and so stitched as a miniature but you can stitch them in full size for the project of your choice.

letempsdutheMadame la Fée, on her side, has designed the very English (again from our French point of view!) and classical Le Temps du Thé (literally "teatime"). The text all around the design says in French "Take a tea break, with short breads, then with serenity, savour your life".
What could we add?


And what about this wonderful Petits Bonheurs design (Small Joys), again by Madame la Fée with the English roses bouquet, the English cakes, the choice of colours: it's all in there!

Surely one of my personal favourite as it features not only beautiful flowers and teatime's delights, but also the pleasure of stitching and gardening.       


And what would be a tea without a cake? And as far as cakes are concerned, Malin Maline is surely a specialist! Her stylish series of Pretty cakes will just make your mouth watering. When it comes to cakes, sweets, etc, you'd better check our Cakes & Sweets section to save you time (even if some designs here are totally inspired from France as for the Religieuses or Macaroons).

Last but not least, even if we love stitching English related patterns, other parts of the world have of course inspired our designers. You will find most of these designs in our "Other Designs" section.

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