New cross stitch patterns' categories added in June


As our collections of cross stitch designs keep growing, we have added new categories and re-organized other ones in order to allow you to find even more easily what you are looking for.

So from now on, the Animals & Pets, the Home & Houses as well as the Alphabet categories have sub-categories. You are still able to browse all the patterns of a main category or jump directly to your prefered sub-category using the new links towards shorter selections.

The new categories we've added recently are:

  • "Black" in the category "By colour shades": only a few designs for the moment but more to come as we find that this colour can be so chic in stitching;
  • "Halloween Selection"
  • "Designs for bands" : some patterns have been specifically designed to be stitched on aida or linen bands
  • "Other designs": well, we have to admit we do need this category! You will find there mostly designs related to travels, far away countries or other cultures. That is where to gofor instance to find kokeshis or Russian dolls.

For the Animals & Pets category, the new sub-categories are:

  • Cats
  • Hens and Chickens
  • Sheep
  • Other Animals and Pets

For the Alphabet category, the new sub-categories are:

  • Alphabet as the main pattern (of the design)
  • Alphabet among other patterns

For the Home & House category, the new sub-categories are:

  • House as the main pattern (of the design)
  • House among other patterns
  • Welcoming banners and frames
  • Tea time & coffee time
  • Kitchen and food
  • Home and other rooms
The "Cakes & Sweets" remain a main category as they have always been.

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