C'est la rentrée !

Japprends_a_lire_ane_700x436This week in France youngsters are on their way back to school.

Learning of course, but also playing with their friends and doing some sport.

There are plenty of cross-stitch patterns in our "Kids and Teens" section to enjoy during this special time of the year!

Above: "J'apprends à écrire"(Learning to write), a large design by Le Lin d'Isabelle which is really full of nostalgia. It looks like an old-school tag  and in the same time like the very first note book where we learnt the letters.



On the right, a totally different atmosphere with "Vive l'Ecole!" (a design by Zaza Picque): summer is sliding away but at least school friends are back on the playground!



And if you're looking for an original design to stitch on a bag for a little dancer or swimmer, take a closer look at these patterns:


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