Aida made in linen and other fabrics to stitch your favourite patterns!

toiles_toutes_500x400From now on, you can also purchase the recommended fabric for the designs you've chosen.

We are well aware that you can easily find good fabrics at your local stockist or on various online shops and even that some of you have their own stock at home.

But it seems more difficult to get one's hand on some specific shades or even on Aida made in linen. So we decided to help you by stocking a small range of fabrics that we think you may not so easily find.


For instance, you can from now on buy  the very same pearl grey linen used by the designer Malin Maline for her Pretty Cakes series or the Platinum shade used by Tralala and also the one used by Le Lin d'Isabelle for almost all her designs.

As you may have noticed, many French designers likes to work on linen, except Passion Bonheur who likes to cross-stitch on Aida. But of course, most of the designs we sell can be stitched also on Aida. This is really a personal choice and for my part I use both types of fabric depending on the project.

For those of you who definitely  prefer Aida, try our Aida in linen. It is made in France in pure linen and is a great way to get close to the elegant look and feel that only linen can provide but still with the easiness of an Aida fabric. You will find it in two colours, "Natural Linen" and "Ecru" (off-white) which are definitely the most used.

We do our best to link each design with the matching fabric when in stock (it appears in the "related product" section at the bottom of each product's page). But it is still a "work in progress", so please bear with us. Meanwhile you can of course find our full range of fabric in the dedicated categories of products (at the bottom of the "Our Collections" list), especially if you are looking for a fabric for a pattern you already have.

We also intend to progressively stock more fabrics so do not hesitate to ask us if you don't see online a fabric you have difficulty to find at your local suppliers.

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