Jolies Pâtisseries Kit

jolies_patisseries_montageMany of us are fond of cakes in general, and of cross-stitch cakes in particular! That is why at SoCreaStitch, we have a category of products dedicated to charts featuring Cakes and Sweets, so that you find them more easily.

Among them, the Malin Maline's series of Pretty Cakes stands in the foreground with its five matching designs: Cupcakes, Macaroons, Doughnuts, Religieuses and of course Jolies Pâtisseries (Pretty Cakes) which you can now purchase as a complete kit.

SoCreaStitch kit does not include the double cake stand hanger as some of you may prefer to frame their work in a more traditional way. But you can buy it separetely here, in our "Hangers" selection.

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