Asian Breeze Variegated Thread

Hand-dyed cotton thread
Complete a multi-coloured pattern with only one thread!
Price: £2.50
Sales price without tax: £2.50
Manufacturer: Les Fils à Soso

This product is an 8 metre skein of cotton thread (6 strands) which has been hand-dyed in France by Les Fils à Soso.

What we love about this specific thread:

  • the pastel shades of the 6 colours brought together in this single thread
  • it will give a cheerful yet soft effect to any pattern; for intance you could use it to stitch the name of a baby or young child on the item of your choice to personalize it (bib, bath linen) or even to complete a birth record

As all variegated threads, this one will be great for:

  • saving time and stitching faster as you use the same thread all along
  • enlivening borders or other repetitive patterns
  • replacing the recommended thread in a monochromatic pattern
  • making each finished work really unique as even the same pattern worked by the same stitcher will never give exactly the same outcome twice when using a variegated thread
  • giving you enjoyment and surprise as you won't know exactly when beginning a project how it will look once completed

General instructions regarding variegated threads:

  • Each length of thread is made up of six strands which you will have to separate in one or two according to your chart before stitching.
  • For a better effect with variegated thread, it is strongly advised to stitch one cross after another: do complete each cross as you go along, do not work in rows of half-stitches.
  • These threads can be carefully washed with a mild detergent in cold or lukewarm water.

Les Fils à Soso has chosen to name most of her threads after evocative parts of the world which make her dream. There is a complete range of delightful colours to pick from and match with all sort of stitch project.
Fancy a specific shade for a very special occasion? No problem: Anne-Sophie can create your own custom variegated thread as she also works on orders from fabric samples. Use our contact form for more details.

This product is an 8m cotton thread skein and costs £2.50

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