Naissance Baby Girl

Translated Title "Birth Sampler Baby Girl", a design by Zaza Picque
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Manufacturer: Zaza Picque

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"Birth Sampler Baby Girl" is a cross-stitch chart with instructions translated in English.

Design stitch count: 84 wide x 90 high

Design area:

  • 10,5 x 11,3 cm (4,1 x 4,4 in) on a 40 count Linen
  • 10,7 x 11,4 cm (4,2 x 4,5 in) on a 20 count Aida
  • 12 x 13 cm (4,7 x 5 in) on a 36 count Linen or a 18 count Aida
  • 14 x 15 cm (5,5 x 5,9 in) on a 32 count Linen
  • 13,3 x 14,3 cm (5,2 x 5,6 in) on a 16 count Aida

Special stitches: This is a cross-stitch design with a few "points de gerbe" (explanation and picture included in the translated instructions)

Threads and colours

This pattern shows 12 colours:

  • 10 references of DMC stranded cotton
  • 2 references of ATALIe threads (no counterpart in DMC references on the key)
ATALIe threads are shaded hand-dyed cotton (or silk) threads by French designer ATALIe; their subtle shading gives a special outcome to your stitching. We advise you to buy the mini-pack of ATALIe threads we have prepared to match this pattern. See below the "related products" section to buy the right mini-pack of ATALIe threads.

The model on the picture has been stitched on a 40 count linen fabric (Zweigart ref colour n°53) using two strands of cotton over two threads of fabric.

Recommended Fabric: 40, 36 or 32 count linen fabric colour "Natural" or 20, 18 or 16 count Aida, 30x30 cm (12x12 in).

This product is a cross-stitch chart + instructions translated in English.

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