Amitiés Alsacienne

Translated title "Alsatian Friendship ", a counted cross stitch design by Le Lin d'Isabelle
Exist also as a kit
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Manufacturer: Le Lin d'Isabelle

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"Alsatian Friendship" is a coloured cross-stitch chart (very easy to follow) with instructions translated in English. This is a two-part design: one part with the pattern and another with the text "Amitié" in French ("Friendship").
The fabric used by the designer is available in the "related products" section below.
You can also purchase this pattern as a complete kit, click here for details. 

Design stitch count of the pattern: 105 wide x 81 high

Design area:

  • 17,5 x 13,5 cm (6,9 x 5,3 in) on a 32 count linen
  • 16,7 x 12,9 cm (6,5 x 5 in) on a 16 count Aida
  • 19 x 14,7 cm (7,5 x 5,8 in) on a 28 count linen or a 14 count Aida

Special stitches: None, this is a pure cross-stitch design.

Threads and colours

This pattern is a monochrome, you can stitch it with the colour of your choice. The designer as recommanded an Ecru thread.

The model on the picture has been stitched on a 32 count linen fabric (colour "Natural Linen") using two strands of cotton over two threads of fabric.

Recommended Fabric of your choice regarding the type (linen / evenweave / Aida) and the stitch count (colour "Natural Linen"), dimensions 40x35 cm (16x14 in).

This product is a coloured chart + instructions translated in English.It also exists as a kit, click here for details. 

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