Jam Ribbon

100% cotton, made in France, approximately 20 mm wide
Possible to order only 25cm (£1)
Price: £4.00
Sales price without tax: £4.00
Manufacturer: La Bande de Copine

Dimensions: approximately 20mm wide

Material and colour:

100% Twill Cotton, made in France (colour "Cream")

Each cut of 25cm will show 9 patterns.

What we like about this specific range of  ribbons:

  • the lovely and original patterns which have been "printed" on the cotton
  • the good quality of twill cotton which makes it solid and allows many uses
  • the contrast between the plain classical cotton base and the original patterns
  • the fact these ribbons can't be mass-produced: you won't see them everywhere and for sure they will add something special to your work

As all the twill-cotton ribbons we propose, this one will be great for:

  • adding an extra embellishment when sewed on a stitch project
  • making little tags
  • being used as a scrap for card making or photograph framing

As you may need only a small quantiy of it, we propose this item by unit of 25cm (approx. 10 in) (i.e. if you want 1 metre, choose 4 in the quantity box).

Ribbon made in France. Price: £4,00 per metre, sold per unit of 25cm (£1,00)

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