Cross-stitch designs to celebrate the Spring

carre_bouquet_400x384Spring is back! So says my calendar and more important, so says the sun in the blue sky!
The charming "Carré Bouquet", a new Tralala design, could be a nice way to welcome  the Spring back in stitching.

The renewal in Nature has always greatly inspired French cross-stitch designers and many designs could help you to celebrate the Spring in various projects for your home or children/great-children.


Of course you could have a glance at our "Flowers and garden" section as many designs we classify there could be very appropriate to match the spring spirit. I especially enjoy Denis & Leon by Au chat qui Dort as it does bring a smile on my face each time I look at it!


printemps_192_218And if you feel like taking a first step on a quite long stitching path, why not see the Spring as a good opportunity to start a seasonal series? In France we particularly like this kind of series as it is an easy way to change home decoration all along the year (all designs of a series are the same size so it is very convenient). You will find this kind of series in our "4 Seasons" section. This one (left) is "Doux Printemps" by les Créations de Chrystelle.  The good thing is each design looks great on its own so you don't have to complete the series to achieve a nice result.

miniature_couleurs_printemps_200Last but not least, what about this pretty pattern of spring-cleaning: it is the new free chart by Au Chat qui Dort named "Spring Colours". You will be able to download it from our "Free Charts ans Tuto" section.

In all cases may you have a bright and pleasant Spring stitching!

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