Stitcher or cross-stitcher: find the perfect Christmas gift!

christmas_detailLess than four weeks to go to Christmas! It is high time that we filled our gifts' list with full of original ideas and pretty items: not only the kind that we know will please our family and friends but also the ones that we would love to receive (or to add to our permament "wish list"!).
Depending on the time you've got, you will find on our website a full range of pretty presents from "ready-to-offer items" to "fast- and easy-to-complete projects" (from £4 to £60)

Ready-to-offer gifts:

kokeshis_detail2_300x175To please a stitcher friend with a pretty and original gift, our lovely hand-made decorative pins are simply the best! Nicely displayed in a white light-cardboard pocket that shows "made in France" on the back, they come as a set of 6 matching pins related to the same theme (for instance roses or sewing or gardening or even Christmas). Their purpose is purely to embellish (a pin cushion, a stitched piece, a work-in-progress...). In France they are very appreciated by quilters.

RPC_buste_parme1_250x308RPC_the_ROSE_300x265Take also a look at our Rouge Petit Coeur collection. This ceramic artist makes refined and one-of-a-kind pendants, charms and buttons. These pretty items made in glazed ceramic can be framed, sewn on a stitched work, hung on a door handle or even used as a necklace or wrist jewel (all you need to add is a pretty ribbon!).
We recently received new colours and patterns for the birds, teddy bears, small hearts and buttons.

pochette_fleurie1_example_600x396And of course don't miss our ready-to-stitch items collection: made in France with top quality material by the designer Au Chat Qui Dort, each item will be a real joy to offer or to receive. There are 4 different stitchers' pockets (2 new ones) and many different "Thread Bins" to choose from and also nice pouches and a beautiful cushion cover.

Fast- and easy-to-complete projects

chromo_detail165x250If you've got some time (but not too much!) keep in mind that ready-to-transfer pictures are great to home-make a last minute greeting card or a small present. Pick your favourite among a collection of 6 packs; each pack comprises between 12 and 17 different pictures ready to be transfered on the fabric of your choice. Quick and easy to use (full instructions in English), this transfer paper enables you to customize the fabric of your choice within a few minutes with classic images and exquisite drawings. The finished dimensions of all pictures are specified in the product page so you know exactly what you are buying.

cuisinedefamilleLast but not least, Christmas can also be a great opportunity to treat someone (or oneself) with pretty cross-stitch patterns or even a wonderful cross-stitch kit like those made by Madame la Fée. In this case, you will offer not only a quality item but also all the pleasure that stitching such a great work can provide.

Unfortunately we can't show you on a single page all the products that we think are suitable for a Christmas present, so do not hesitate to browse the "Embellishments" section of our website for even more ideas.

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